Why is Phil Swift famous?

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How Did Phil Swift Get Famous? He became super famous after popular comedic commentary Youtuber JonTron (real name Jon Jafari), a video games, movie reviewer decided to make a video about Flex Seal Products infomercials and then it was all up-hill road of fame for the entrepreneur.

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Considering this, what is Phil Swift's real name?

Phil Swift was born on March 3, 1944 in the United States. He has a brother named Alan Swift who has a degree from University of Houston.

Also Know, how Old Is Phil Swift Really? 9 years (February 28, 2011)

Also to know, is Phil Swift famous?

Phil is most famously known for his advertisements of the products known as but not limited to: Flex Seal, Flex Tape, Flex Shot, etc. All these products, also known as the Flex Seal Family of Products, were gifts from the heavens, so we would be able to coat, seal and stop leaks fast.

Is Phil Swift God?

Phil Swift is the co-creator of Flex Seal Products and the creator of the product Flex Tape. He is known as one of the strongest Gods in the Milky Way galaxy. It is possible that Phil is the reincarnation of Billy Mays, but there is no proof of such relations

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Is Taylor Swift related to Phil Swift?

Taylor Swift vs. Phil Swift. A summary of similarities and slight differences on the two swifty Swifts. At first glance, these two Swifty celebs may not appear to have much cross over, but upon a deeper analysis, there is more than meets the reptilian eye (and no, they are not related).

Who is Flex Seal guy?

The marketing genius and super human we all know as Phil Swift was not always the boat-sawing, universe-saving man he is today. According to Flex Seal Spray Can (a Flex Seal affiliate site that sorta seems like it might be run by Phil?), Phil Swift has been in the marketing and direct sales industry since the '80s.

How did Phil Swift die?

Philip Swift shot dead. The past weekend claimed four lives and tonight there's a fifth murder in as many days. Four shots caught him in the head and body; Swift collapsed and died instantly. Soon after the shots rang out Swift's sister rushed to the scene and found her brother bleeding profusely.

What is the net worth of Phil Swift?

Net Worth & Earnings:
The American businessman, spokesman and Flex Seal co-founder Phil Swift has an estimated net worth of somewhere more than $10 million. The main source of his wealth is from the company he co-created, Flex Seal. Phil Swift face and voice are recognized by people from the commercials he appeared on.

How is Flex Seal made?

Q: What is Flex Seal® made of? A: Flex Seal® is a thick, durable, rubberized coating that is specially formulated to spray out as a liquid, then seep into cracks and holes to dry to a watertight, flexible, rubberized coating.

What race is Phil Swift?

Facts of Phil Swift
Full Name Phil Swift
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birth Country The U.S.A
Gender Identity Male

Did Phil swift create flex tape?

Now here is some information behind Phil Swift the maker and commercial owner. Flex Tape was created in 1965 by Communist Russia modeled after reports of what the Holy Grail was like. They created it to develop a space ship that would get them to the moon.

Does Flex Seal work?

How Does Flex Seal Spray Work? Flex Seal works because it sprays thick, much thicker than traditional spray paint. It seeps into cracks and, once dry, forms a rubberized surface that blocks out water, air and moisture – which helps prevent rust and corrosion. It's simple: point and spray, applying a nice, even coating.

What state does Phil Swift live in?

U.S. Swift Response, LLC is an American company specializing in adhesive bonding products based in Weston, Florida. It was incorporated on February 28, 2011, by Philip (Phil) and Alan Swift. As of August 2019, the company employs 100 people led by chief executive officer Phil Swift.

Where is Phil Swift born?

March 3, 1944 (age 76 years)

Where is the Flex Seal headquarters?

Weston, Florida, United States

How much is flex tape net worth?

The Flex Tape Guy is worth $10 million
Yes, $10 million. See, the Flex Tape guy is more than just a dude peddling products in commercials.

Is Phil Swift really 75?

Phil Swift was born in United States on March 3, 1944. Web sensation who is the energetic and comedic spokesman for the Flex Seal family of products. Phil Swift is 1 of the famous people in our database with the age of 75 years old.

What is flex tape?

FLEX TAPE is a super strong, rubberized, waterproof tape that can patch, bond, seal and repair virtually everything. It is specially formulated with a thick, flexible, rubberized backing that conforms to any shape or object. FLEX TAPE can be applied hot or cold, wet or dry even underwater.

What is the flex tape guy's name?

A brief history of Phil Swift (The Flex Tape Guy) : copypasta.